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Embrace Your Inner Mr. Spock


Reputations can be fickle.  Years of time and effort spent building one, can be easily undone through poor decisions and actions.  An outburst or negative emotions at the wrong time,  can undermine.  Do not sabotage yourself.

Time spent cultivating relationships, building connections, or improving through education and skill-sets are worthwhile endeavors, critical even.  Investing in these areas will lay the foundation for future successes.  Keep your eyes fixed on the future, but do not forget the little things.  Simple acts can quickly build or erode your reputation.  Think of yourself as a garden, and cultivate and tend to it.  The investment of time will always be worth it.

In my years as a professional, working alongside some who did not possess the ability to control their thoughts and emotions was quite unpleasant.  I have seen negativity that impacted performance, attitude problems that caused disruption among the team, and instances where people running the departments were abusive and berating.  In each of these instances, morale was low, and we experienced unnecessary staff turnover.  Any levels of trust vanished in an instant, and resentment lingered on for years.  For those that stayed, that is.

As a manager, I strive to embrace my inner Mr. Spock.  For those who have watched Star Trek, Mr. Spock represents the level headed, logical nature within each of us.  When the Enterprise encountered unknown and hostile aliens, the crew could count on Mr. Spock to remain calm and analyze the situation.  Captain Kirk may have led the away team or sent the orders to fire the torpedoes, but it was always Mr. Spock who figured out the best way out of the situation.

Simply put, Mr. Spock always remained in control of his emotions, thoughts, and actions.  I try to maintain control, and a solid foundation for the team.  A manager and leader should be reliable and level headed, not just during routine times, but especially in times of uncertainty and crises.

In a professional environment, or life in general, regardless of your title or seniority, keeping control of yourself will help to build your reputation.  Analyze situations and use a logical approach to complete work and projects.  Harness the ability to control negativity and actions that are not constructive.  Even if criticism is warranted, focus on what can be done to improve the situation.   Find an outlet outside of the office and team to vent frustrations if necessary.  Take on the control of Mr. Spock.  Acquire skills, and continue to learn and grow for all things, but keep negativity at bay at all times.

Your reputation will flourish.

You will succeed.

You will be like Mr. Spock.

Live long and prosper.

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