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Embrace Your Inner Mr. Spock

Reputations can be fickle.  Years of time and effort spent building one, can be easily undone through poor decisions and actions.  An outburst or negative emotions at the wrong time,  can undermine.  Do not sabotage yourself. Time spent cultivating relationships, building connections, or improving through education and skill-sets are worthwhile endeavors, critical even.  Investing in…… Continue reading Embrace Your Inner Mr. Spock


Leadership Lessons from Captain Picard

Keeping with the Star Trek leadership theme, also has an article that documents leadership lessons from Captain Jean-Luc Picard (  On a personal level, I think Captain Picard was the more believable captain when compared to Captain Kirk from the original series.  Well, as believable as one can expect from a science fiction TV…… Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Captain Picard


Lessons in Leadership from Captain Kirk has recently published an article pertaining to leadership lessons from Star Trek Captain Kirk (  Being a life-long lover of all things science fiction, I have a soft place in my heart for the original Star Trek series.  In spite of limited special effects technology, I think the story and plot lines have always…… Continue reading Lessons in Leadership from Captain Kirk