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The Good Old Days

Sometimes I catch myself drifting back in time.  Thinking of a moment in my past and thinking how good things were.  For me, it’s playing little league baseball, riding our bikes around the neighborhood, or just goofing off with friends.  It’s something we all do at some point in time.  Reflecting on something positive and…… Continue reading The Good Old Days

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The Idea of Perfection

I enjoy painting when I get time and am in a creative mood. Landscapes in oils mostly. Not a professional by any means, but I do try my best and always try to learn something new. Perhaps a new technique for painting clouds or trees or focusing more on how light and shadow play on the canvas, getting…… Continue reading The Idea of Perfection

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The Honoring of a Sacrifice

Time defines most things when you think about it.  The ongoing ticking of the clock, minute after minute.  Time preceded us.  Time will continue after us.  This is the nature of things.  But the beginning and the end are unique to each of us.  We only have the time in between to work with.  We…… Continue reading The Honoring of a Sacrifice

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Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Some good memories of my mom were from our watching Bob Ross episodes.  At the time, probably mid-1990’s, our local PBS channel would air some of his episodes Saturday mornings.  Seeing a blank canvas transformed into a painting was soothing and pleasing.  There was always an “ah-ha” moment, when everything came together and I saw…… Continue reading Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

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A Life of Mindfulness

The concept of mindfulness may bring about thoughts of Buddhist monks, mastering the practice or meditation on a journey to enlightenment and wisdom.  Perhaps the old monk at the top of the mountain, meditating on the meaning of life comes to mind.  Focusing on a single thought or idea, as we empty out of minds…… Continue reading A Life of Mindfulness