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Gratitude Journal Day 4: The Cute Baby Birds by our Front Window


We had a little feathered friend hanging around our door back in early March.  A cute little purple finch took up residence in our beautiful North Carolina State wreath we have hanging outside our front window.  Each night, as we walked our two dogs one final time before going to sleep, I’d glance over to see a small little tail, protruding from the edge of the nest.  Mom was standing guard, keeping the eggs warm and toasty, while keep track of us as we left and came back.  No matter how cold it was, she was there.  A great mom.

They sing for us, flutter about, dazzling us with their bright colors and funny antics.  Entire hobbies are devoted to bird watching.  YouTube channels document some of the smart ones, or rescued birds on the mend.  The bright blues, yellows, and reds all catch our eye.  Sometimes they may poop on the car and you get annoyed, especially after a good washing.  Perhaps that’s their way of having fun.  If I were a bird, I’d be hanging around the car wash facility.  Definitely.

Please set up bird friendly yards.  Provide bushes and keep trees near for their shelter and nesting habitat.  Remember, every lot that’s cleared may be eliminating a nest, or depriving a pair reproducing.  Many species in nature are declining not because of hunting or killing, but the loss of habitat.  Spend just a little on food and have water near.  They are delicate little creatures, and without birds, life would be a bit duller.

Take a moment to watch their antics and smile.  I always do.

Remember, every day should be “Earth Day”.  Celebrate and appreciate life and the beauty of nature.

For day 4 of my 30 day gratitude journal, I’m grateful for these cute little baby birds nesting on our front window.

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