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Gratitude Journal Day 5: My Little Buddy, Franklin


He’s a little skittish and sometimes the loud noises scare him.  Once, he even knocked off the power cord to my laptop, caused a loud bang, and ran around with a fire hose effect.  Cleanup on aisle 3!  My little buddy still is a little skittish, even after all these months, and he seems to only tolerate me.  The trust isn’t there, yet, but I still love him.

Franklin is a dachshund we adopted from Wanda’s Little Rescues last fall.  His big brown eyes melt your heart, and he is such a loving dog.  He has a quiet nature, but loves to bark a bunch when we leave the house.  He’s a sleeping machine.  He can put down for a power nap any time, any place it seems.  Then can sleep the night away.

I’m happy he’s attached himself to Lori, and loves her to death.  I try to get in and pet or pat him, but he either clinches up or leaps off the couch or bed and puts distance between us.  I’d love to ask him about his past.  What did someone do that may cause him to trust me to little.  Of course I’d never hurt him, but he seems to be skittish, but slowly is getting better and better.  That’s fine, my little buddy, I love you just as much from afar.  I get frustrated with thoughts of someone who may have yelled at him, or abused him.  He has so much love to give, when he’s awake, and what kind of person can do that?

When alone, he can relax, which is good, but has to be in the other room to keep watch on me.  Sometimes he peers around the corner, unsure what to do.  I have an elaborate process to hook him up for a walk.  First, I show him the leash, and then sit at the computer in the adjacent room.  Slowly he will come in, and Gretchen helps by being close to me.  I think it gives him a bit more comfort when she’s around.  He’ll make several dashes close to me, but circles around.  I have to act like he’s not there.  Slowly, he’ll crouch next to me against the wall, clinched up and afraid.  I try to sooth him, talking gently while hooking him up.  We’re getting there, but if I’m in a hurry, of course he then decides to play hard to get.

He’s a napping machine and I do love watching him play and engage with Gretchen.  It brings joy to my heart watching them at play.  They are a great couple, and are bonded in a special way.  Lori and Franklin have a special connection, too.  I’m the guy who gives him food and takes him out every now and then, but that’s fine.  I feel blessed to have him in the house.  He’s my little buddy, and I do love him.  Franklin, just keep the fire-hose effect for the outside if you can.

Day 5 of my gratitude journal.  I’m grateful for my special little guy, Franklin.  Who will one day leap on my lap and let me pet him.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.

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