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Gratitude Journal Day 6: Our Beautiful Blue Orb


Planets can be stunning and beautiful, just look at some of the released photos from various NASA probes.  The patterns of Jupiter, or the symmetrical rings of Saturn showcase the beauty of the cosmos.  The clouds of Neptune are interesting, and who doesn’t love the Red Planet itself.  The best of all, though, is the beautiful blue earth.  Blue and white, sparkling in the darkness of space.

I thought expressing my gratitude for our home on Earth Day would be appropriate, but decided not to.  Why would I do that?  What better day to share my love of the earth, than Earth Day?  Simple.  Every day should be treated and thought of as Earth Day.  Just as much as every day should be full of the Christmas spirit, the love of Valentine’s Day, and the thankfulness of Thanksgiving.  Sure, we don’t go through the elaborate celebrations every single day, but the spirit of these days represent should be burning within us every single day.

On every Earth Day, celebrate our planet with the community, or in your own way.  Also be sure to treat every day with the Earth Day spirit and try to preserve the planet as best we can.  Our blue planet drifts through the cosmos, delicate and fragile.  The universe is a harsh place, full of hidden dangers, or threats of extinction drift through the solar system.  Perhaps we’ll be pounded by a civilization ending asteroid, and if so, we can’t do much about it.  But we can control so much, and should do so every day.  Treat our home with respect and kindness, and enjoy our journey in our little corner of paradise.  Keep the skies and water clean.  Let’s treat our home with kindness and the respect it greatly deserves.

On day six of my gratitude journal, I’m grateful for our little speck, adrift through the cosmos.  It’s our home, keeping us going through our journey through the universe.

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