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Gratitude Journal Day 7: The Love of Reading


I have way too many books.  My two book shelves are bursting at the seams, with books creatively stacked into dead space gaps, on the floor next to the bottom, or even stacked up on top just a bit.  It can look rather messy when you sit back and really look at it.  But what a glorious mess.

My reading habits are all over the place.  Sometimes I’ll break out a history or science book, others I’ll read about writing or other generic self-help type of book.  I’m always trying to learn something new and to develop into a more refined and profound person.  My go-to choice more often than not is to break out a science fiction, thriller, or fantasy book.

The bookstore is a great place to visit.  All the options just sitting on the book shelves.  The unknown stories and adventures that await.  The excitement of the unknown beacons.  I wish more people shared the love of reading as I do.  Children can learn to exercise their minds and to learn more things.  Even reading something as simple as a Harry Potter book can let their mind embrace the imaginary and the creative.

I love the sciences, but also believe that when people let their imaginations wander, they can tap into heightened states of creativity, that can fuel more innovative designs.  To read is to keep the mind exercised and in shape.  Creativity is the foundation of so many astounding and inspiring things.

Don’t give up doing what you love, but read a book here and there.  You’ll be glad you did.  And always thank those who dedicate their time and profession to writing these glorious and wondrous inventions of human creativity.

Day 7 of my gratitude journal journey, enjoying a good book is such a rewarding feeling, and always feel thankful for having one nearby.

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