Gratitude Journal Day 3: The Love of My Sweet Gretchen


Often the star of my Facebook posts, Gretchen has been a wonderful companion since Lori and I adopted her.  Always friendly and ever so sweet, she always makes you feel good, no matter how bad you may feel.  Her loving personality has won over everyone who has met her.  Such a wonderful and perfect little girl.

She is quiet, loving, and always ready to play.  She is such a beautiful girl.  Black and tan, with just the right about of white.  No matter what goes on in our lives, no matter what the setbacks may be, she’s always there, gazing into your eyes and melting your heart.  More likely, though, she’s trying to give you “the look” to get a little treat.

Gretchen, my dear, I’ll get you some treats.  Don’t say anything to anyone.  It’ll be our little secret.  Ah, the love of a good dog.

Gratitude Journal, Day three:  The Love of My Sweet Little Gretchen.

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