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Gratitude Journal Day 2: Rainy Days


It’s supposed to rain today.  The meteorologists promised me this morning, and all I’ve seen has been a drop or two.  Its overcast, which is nice, but give me some rain.  I’ve seen enough yellow shades of pollen coating everything.  Please wash it away.

Perhaps I’m quite odd in my makeup.  I can sit back on a cold, rainy day and beam with happiness.  I love the fall, mainly because it signals winter’s coming.  After growing up in Florida, I gravitate towards cold weather.  To light up the fire, get myself a hot cup of Earl Grey, and do some reading or playing around on the computer, all make me content and satisfied.  To let my mind wander into a good story…such a wonderful part of any day.

So far, the rain for today has not materialized, and I admit, I’m a bit annoyed.

Rain is life.  Without it, the earth would be like Mars, dry and lifeless.  So unless there’s a river flowing down your street, if the weather gets a little rainy, enjoy it.  Celebrate the cleansing and purity it represents.  Celebrate the life it brings.  The next time it rains, even if it may spoil some weekend plans, remember that without it, things would be bleak.  Without it, we’re not here to have weekend plans.

So for day 2 of my gratitude journal, I’m grateful for a rainy day.  If only it would start raining shortly, that would be fine with me.

One thought on “Gratitude Journal Day 2: Rainy Days

  1. Tom… are like your Mom…….she loved rainy days…..she like to walk in the rain.

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