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The Wisdom of Building, The Foolishness of Destroying


With most things, tearing down and destroying is much easier than building and creating.  An engineer or architect may spend months designing and drawing up plane, workers may spend more time building and constructing.  Building something worthwhile takes time and effort.  Any fool can come in with a wrecking ball and tear it down in a snap of the finger.  Be better than that.  Be better than a majority of our elected officials.

I try not to spend much time on politics on my blog.  Somehow it seems to dirty up something, at least I hope, that is positive.  My feeble attempt to build something.  Maybe it will not change any minds, or fill people with enlightenment, but if I can at least buy a little time or plant a small seed of noble thought, perhaps it’s worth it.  If everyone tried to build something positive, maybe things would start to add up.  If someone pauses for a moment, and tries to build up something instead of trying to tear down others, well, it is a good thought anyway.  I hate seeing time and energy being spent on tearing down instead of trying to make things better.

This does not mean converting someone to your way of thinking.  It simply is a hope that people will display more compassion and good feelings towards others.  Not just those who are of the same political persuasion or race, but for all.  If you do not like something, try to make it better or come up with a solid alternative solution.

As my entrepreneur class professor told the class, find something that sucks, and do something about it.  A good idea for business practices and opportunities, but a life lesson.  Do something to make things a bit better and positive.  Even for those who are different or think different, try to build something positive.  You may disagree, but that is the nature of things.  But there is always a good reason to build a positive relationship instead of destroying one.

So be a builder.  It is harder and takes more effort, but it is worth it.

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