Astronomy & Science

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone…


“Earth is humanity’s cradle, but you’re not meant to stay in the cradle forever.” – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Dreams require planning, work, and progress.  Once, humans stared in wonder, looking at the moon and only could rely on imagination as to what it would be like to travel there.  A dream of science fiction fancy for many years.

Tsiolkovsky hits home a wonderful thought.  Earth will one day be the cradle of our civilization and history.  I love to watch and read science fiction stories where they look back at the earth as the home world, the origin of everything.  Some stories have the earth as a myth of a time long ago.  Perhaps it will be honored and venerated.  Maybe we simply left it as a dying and decaying world.  Maybe the earth is the hub of all exploration activity.

We are but infants in our development, standing and wobbling on unsure legs, yearning to walk about.  Often, we simply fall on our rear.  We have flown to the moon, fulfilling a small step in our journey into the stars.  We look towards the stars, with growing curiosity and knowledge.  Perhaps we are not yet ready to leave the cradle, but we can step forward.  Unsure and ever curious, to see what lies in the universe.  With every step, our legs will become stronger and more confident.

It will take hard work, but I hope and dream that one day, we can take the steps that will fulfill our desire to explore.  Not in any of our lifetimes, but a thousand years ago, humans had no way of comprehending sending satellites into orbit, or walking on the moon.  Barely over one hundred years ago, we achieved powered flight.  The path to the universe will not be easy, but hope we can begin baby stepping and laying the foundation. What will happen in the next thousand years, or in the next two?

I hope we keep dreaming and progressing.  Maybe one day we will soar through the galaxy, exploring new worlds and civilizations.  To boldly go where no one has gone…well you know what I mean.

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