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Smile, and Lend a Hand


In my past job, I saw many instances where a single individual had a problem with their computer or printer.  The priorities of the organization were focused more on mass issues, or problems that impacted whole areas or the ability of our students to work in a specific computer lab.  As a manager of the team who supports these areas, we’d jump up into action, taking the necessary steps to address and resolve the problem.

It’s easy to ignore or forget the solitary individual.  Someone with a broken PC will see the world from a different perspective.  It’s cliché to argue that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  This is true.  From the person with a defective PC, the world seems to continue, passing them by.  They cannot perform their work, and their task list and demands continue to amass, regardless of whether they have a functional PC.

As I watch the coverage from Hurricane Harvey, I admire the unified nature of the unfortunate victims, displaced by the storm waters.  I see photos of people helping each other out, regardless of race, gender, religion, or age.  It can be a ray of hope amid the tragedy of a storm.

In the mind of the individual who came into work, but had a problem with their single PC, the world may continue, oblivious to their problem.  It can take a catastrophic storm to bring people together, but I hope that we can learn to grow closer and help each other on the routine, sunny days of life.  When things are clear and sunny, there are still those who may need a hand or checked on.  Make the world better in times of distress, but also remember to do this every day.

How great would things be if we focused on the similarities instead of converting others to our way of thinking or religious beliefs?  Why not try to celebrate someone who is different?  It’s much easier to get along with someone.  A smile is not dependent on language, and can be shared with anyone.  A helping hand, smile, or kind action are necessary in bad times.  But also remember to spread the kindness and goodness every day you can, even on those sunny, clear days.

One thought on “Smile, and Lend a Hand

  1. Tom, your Mom and Dad taught you so well. They were forever doing exactly what you are saying. I like your thoughts and wish that more people would follow your example. I try to and find that even just a smile makes all the difference.

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