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Gratitude Journal Day 9, My Mom


Today is a special day.  It’s full of good memories, but also a reminder of emptiness.  A void that will never be filled again.  Today would be my mom’s 74th birthday.  The years since her death have been full of things I used to talk to her about.  We purchased a new home, adopted two dogs and a cat, and recently have been laid off my job.  The highs and lows of life are just a bit emptier without here being here to share the joy or to provide motherly love when needed.

I miss her.  She had a bubbly personality and affected so many people with her kindness.  I miss giving her grief when visiting and playfully avoiding her attempts at giving me a hug.  For some reason, my offer of a firm handshake was knocked to the side.  🙂  Of course, I’d relent and give her a good hug.

She’ll be gone five years this coming October.  Time presses on, regardless of how we wish to turn it back, or to pause life.  The earth will continue to orbit the sun.  People are born and die all the time.  Be sure to spend a few minutes reflecting on a memory or two from someone special to you.  Amid her frailty and her decline, I remember giving her a final hug before leaving.  She lingered for a moment, pressing her head against my chest for a moment.  Little did I know that the next time I would see her would be as she was dying.  A beautiful moment that I’ll always cherish.

She’ll always be missed and I do think of her often.  The best compliment I could ever give her is this:  She was the best mom I could have every asked for.

For today, I’m grateful for the love of my mom and for all the times she rejected my handshakes and gave me a great hug.  If only I could have one more, I could sure use one these days.  I miss you, mom.  You left the world a better place.

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