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Gratitude Journal Day 10, The Artists


We move through our lives looking straight ahead, or more often, with noses buried in a smart phone.  Perhaps we see so many things during the day, that many things are just a blur.  Can you recall in explicit detail the last time you drove to work or on an errand?

Today I feel some gratitude for those who create things of beauty.  All the artists that produce works of art and crafts that brighten up our day.  Just now, I glance around the kitchen as I write this, and I see decorate pots, a crucifix that once belonged to my grandparents that is very detailed and stunning.  I see an airplane planter, which is not being used for a plant for whatever reason.  Most days, I may walk by thinking about something or just not paying attention.  But when you stop to look, you can see the work of so many creative people out there.

Art doesn’t need to be museum quality portraits or landscapes that display master strokes of the paintbrush.  It may be anything that adds just a little bit of spice to life.  A painted pot, a mural on the side of a building, or even the masterpiece hanging in the art museum are all things that I’m grateful for.

I may not like every piece of art, and especially do not like abstract or most modern art, but I do love the idea of them.  So for today, I’m grateful for the artists out there.  Thank you for taking the time to embrace creativity.  It makes the world so much brighter and full of color.

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