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In Memory of Kathi

Life always seems to come down to numbers and stats.  Each year, numbers of children are born, numbers of people die.  We divide our populations into generations, boomers, x, millennial, etc…  A certain number of people will contract a disease or sickness.  Stats document people affected by the coronavirus or the flu.  War seems to…… Continue reading In Memory of Kathi

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Gratitude Journal Day 9, My Mom

Today is a special day.  It’s full of good memories, but also a reminder of emptiness.  A void that will never be filled again.  Today would be my mom’s 74th birthday.  The years since her death have been full of things I used to talk to her about.  We purchased a new home, adopted two…… Continue reading Gratitude Journal Day 9, My Mom


In Honor of my Friend, Garrett: A Long Delayed Eulogy

Throughout my childhood, many of my cherished memories are of my mom and dad being at my baseball games. I started with t-ball at an early age, and played in our city league in Delray Beach, FL until I was sixteen, and after moving up to North Carolina, I played until I finished high school.…… Continue reading In Honor of my Friend, Garrett: A Long Delayed Eulogy