A Letter of Love


Dear Gretchen

We humans have a tendency to not say the important things to those we love.  I see so many posting on Facebook, or other web pages, that serve as tributes to our department family members, including our furry ones.  We’ve all lost those close to us and when the time comes to honor your all too short life, I’ll add tributes to you as well.  Let this letter to you, my dear, serve as a living tribute.

Gretchen, you came into our life not that long ago and seeing you the very first time will forever be a cherished memory.  We saw the photo on the rescue agency web site for a small black and tan, mostly dachshund girl and immediately fell in love.  When we visited you the first time, you bounded into the room with so much energy.  You ran, sniffed, and licked each of us as if we were long friends reunited.  The moment was magical and beautiful.  We met your puppies, and your interaction with them was special.  You were such a good mother, so loving and caring for your litter.

When we finally completed the process and brought you to your new forever home was a moment of elation, but also a moment of guilt.  Separating you from your special puppies was something we knew would happen, even though it was to provide you with a permanent home.  The realization that you’d most likely never see them again was sad.  But you coped with it well, and ever had a problem with fitting into our new home.

Each day we come back into the house after being away for work, or from running errands, you always greet us with so much energy and happiness.  We can only be gone an hour, but from your reaction, we may could’ve been gone days on end, months even.  You squeal and run around, jumping with happiness and make such efforts to lick us when we bend down to pet you.  I could’ve had a terrible day at work, but that instantly melts away when I see you.

I wish we could talk to each other.  I often gaze down at you sleeping, or at play and feel so good.  You’re such a beautiful girl, with such a sweet personality and pleasant disposition.  What was life for you before your rescue?  Did you have a good home?  Were you abandoned or neglected?  I often wonder if your original family knew of the miracle that you are.  Who could turn away such a special girl like you?  Whatever the past may be, you’re now at home with us, and you’ll only know peace and love for the rest of your days.

Life can be unfair and monotonous, but it can also be full of wondrous moments of joy and beauty.  After our morning walks, I love to sit and read.  I love the peacefulness during this time of the day.  Relaxing with a nice hot tea is perfect.  I read a bit, but invariably, I feel your little paws pushing into my leg.  Looking down, I see you looking up at me, often with your rubber toy in your mouth, and your tail just a blur from the wagging.  You usually decide that morning is a time for play, and my reading can wait.  The sight of you in pursuit of your toy is hilarious and so much fun to watch.  The unpredictable bouncing catches you off guard as you struggle to change direction on our hardwood floor.  It must be fun for you as well, because you’re always up to a game of fetch.

When you grow tired, and especially on those cold mornings after your walk, I may read a page or two before I see a black blur flying onto my lap.  Often without a warning, you seemingly appear out of nowhere, sitting on my lap, looking into my eyes before you always settle onto me, savoring the warmth.  These are my favorite moments, watching you lay on me, often drifting off to sleep.  I love to rest my hands on your soft, black fur, lightly stroking you as you feel safe, comfortable, and loved.  I feel the rhythm of your breathing, and feel so connected to you.  Perhaps I’m just a warm piece of furniture to you, just a comfortable spot to rest and sleep on, but I can tell you love me just as much as I do you.  Wise people say that it’s the little things in life that make a difference.  To see a brilliant sunrise, or a colorful rainbow after an afternoon shower are moments that can inspire and astound.  As I sit with you resting on my lap, I realize just how special this moment is.  A perfect moment.

Gretchen, you are still young and hope you have a long, healthy life with us.  You will be taken care of for the rest of your days.  Your life began with uncertainty and strife.  You were neglected and unwanted for reasons I can’t fathom.  You’ll be loved each and every day of your life, I promise.  We will not look back with regret because you grew too old, too fast.  A life full of love and caring will be our tribute to you.

My lap will always be available to you.  Feel free to leap up and sit with me.  I may be reading a good book, but as you relax and rest upon me, reading can wait a while.  There will be a day when you may not be able to leap into my lap, and you may even need to have help getting there.  Rest assured I’ll always be there to give you a loving hand.  You’ll always be our sweet girl, and will always spread the word to get people to adopt more.  I pray that your puppies found loving homes, and maybe one day you’ll meet some of them.  We’ll always recommend to others to support their local adoption agencies and to help support fosters who rescue animals in need.  Someone helped you out, and you found a forever home with us.  You came into our life straight from a rescue organization, and we’ll look forward to a long, loving life together.  We’ll be forever blessed to have you in our home.

With Love

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