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Think and Do

Think and do.  So states the slogan of my Alma mater, North Carolina State University.  I do love my university, and look at all the achievements and accomplishments with great pride. Recently, reading a self-help article made me think about the “Think and Do” slogan.  The article listed what characteristics will make an individual a…… Continue reading Think and Do

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Gratitude Journal Day 2: Rainy Days

It’s supposed to rain today.  The meteorologists promised me this morning, and all I’ve seen has been a drop or two.  Its overcast, which is nice, but give me some rain.  I’ve seen enough yellow shades of pollen coating everything.  Please wash it away. Perhaps I’m quite odd in my makeup.  I can sit back…… Continue reading Gratitude Journal Day 2: Rainy Days


Take the Leap, but Know How to Fly

“Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off.  Build your wings on the way down.” – Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury and the golden age of science fiction are synonymous, and is one of the titans of the genre.  “Fahrenheit 451”, “The Martian Chronicles”, and “Something Wicked This Way Comes” are all considered among…… Continue reading Take the Leap, but Know How to Fly