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The Power of Positivity


There’s more to power than how much influence someone has, their rank, or how much money they have.  Too often, power is often linked to those in absolute authority.  The power to enact laws, to lead military organizations, or to run companies are just one type of power.  We all have the power within us to make a difference and to accomplish.  The power of positive change in indeed a powerful thing.

Have you ever helped out a friend in need?  Are you someone who volunteers, or helps others?  The difference you make is powerful.  The impact on someone who needs a helping hand or emotional support directly leads to differences in their lives.

We all have the ability to make a difference.  When I was in school, the professor in my entrepreneur class asked, “identify what sucks, and do something about it.”  Granted, this was in the mindset of identifying a need for a business to target this untapped demand.  This philosophy translates to life in general.  Look inward in your life, identify what you are lacking or neglecting, and address it.  We all have this power, and we can use it to bring about positive effects.

As we continue in our profession, or in life, keep an eye open to bring about a positive change of direction.  The opportunities are there.  We only have to keep our eyes open.  In the office, is the mood often toxic?  Are staff often in gripe sessions in the office, complaining about management, other departments, or even fellow team members?  Do your friends often criticize or spread gossip about others?  Negativity spreads like a virus, and will never lead to positive change.  Have you done anything to try to change things for the better, or did you simply contribute to negativity?  If everyone put equal effort into positive thoughts and actions, how much difference could be made?

We all are not in positions of ultimate authority, but that doesn’t mean that our ability to spread positive change is not there.  The power to make a different and to impact others is within each of us.  All we need to do is shift focus and keep watch of our actions and words.  Do you see an opportunity to make a difference?  Take advantage of it.

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