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The Building of Integrity and Character

Throughout my career in the information technology field, I’ve lost count how many times I upgraded computer labs.  The time required for disconnecting and dismantling the computers were far quicker than the setup of the new machines.  New computer setups require extensive time and effort to properly get the machines set up, configured, and keeping…… Continue reading The Building of Integrity and Character

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Beyond the Cathedral

We watched with awe and sadness as the fires ravaged the cathedral of Notre Dame.  Millions watched, transfixed as the spire crumbled into the inferno.  Crowds gathered along the streets in Paris to watch a special place of church and history crumble.  Watching the clips on the news and reading the feeds, I felt a…… Continue reading Beyond the Cathedral


The Temptation of the Lie

Let’s play a game of word association. In this game, I will use two different periods of time for each individual: Lance Armstrong in 2002: Dominant, cancer survivor, winner, beating the odds, world class, etc… would be common responses. He was a cancer survivor, and transformed himself into a world class athlete. His accomplishments in…… Continue reading The Temptation of the Lie


Lance Armstrong: A Role Model?

“I’m not a role model…Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.”  -Charles Barkley Charles Barkley, former NBA basketball player and member of the Hall of Fame, courted controversy numerous times throughout his career.  In retrospect, he was not a bad individual, just very opinionated, and his constant proliferation of…… Continue reading Lance Armstrong: A Role Model?