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Gratitude Journal Day 14: Loving Memories


There are times when memories materialize within our minds, which seem to come from nowhere.  A lingering scent of something your mom made.  The memory of a feeling, a taste, or something you seen before.  They appear when we least expect it, but the feelings can be vivid and intense.  When this happens, relish in the moment.

This morning was a perfect example.  I saw a memory posted on my Facebook news feed.  One of my favorite features on this system is when you see posts that were published years ago.  In my case, I tend to see memories of a mother since departed from our lives, or many photos of pets.  This morning I saw such a lovely photo of our dear Bella.  I love seeing posts I’ve shared over time, many bring me back to the time and place.

Bella was our sweet girl.  She was loving, and full of peace and friendliness.  You couldn’t ask for a better dog to share a life with.  I’ll always cherish the memories of her.  She was a beautiful dog in every way.

I’d love to get down on her level, teasing her and giving her attention.  The memories of these photos are still with me to this day.  I saw her on the floor, just relaxing with her cheeks protruding out.  She was just looking, curious, but not ready to get up.  It was as if she were saying, “Yes, I love you, but I’m trying to take a nap.”  I had my phone, and had to snap off a couple photos.  These pictures captured her essence.  Her peaceful nature.  At ease with everything, and so tolerant.  For a brief moment, I was there again, taking her picture, and of course, giving her lots of loving attention as a reward.

Take a few moments to let your mind wander and relax.  Let the memories appear from nowhere, or really take a look at a family picture and reflect on it.  Remember the scent of the meal, or the warmth of their embrace.  Close your eyes for a moment, and linger in their presence for just a few moments.  Can you hear their voice?  Their laugh?  Be with them for a while.

I close my eyes for a moment, and can feel the softness of her fur.  I can feel the love in her eyes.  For just a moment this morning, she was with me in spirit and I could feel the memory become real.  I can feel her warmth, and her slobbery kisses when I got too close.  Life goes on, she’ll always be missed. Cherish your memories.  It may be easy to speed through life, only looking forward, but take a break here and there and simply live in a memory or two for a few moments.  Your memories are the substance of your life.

I’m always grateful for the memories of my life, and those who were there to help me on my way.  I’ll always feel their love.

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