Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving

Every day should be Thanksgiving in spirit. Celebrating one day a year is good, and is a great time for families to get together. Sometimes I wonder if the true meanings of many holidays are forgotten. People are quick to move on to the next thing. A few weeks back I noticed Christmas commercials on TV, and Christmas music playing in the stores. Can’t we have Thanksgiving before worrying about Christmas?  I know, profit margins need to be met, and if stores have bad seasons, economic impacts can reach down to many workers.

The festivities of the season come and go, and before too long, the rhythm of life beats on. This is our nature, and is not wrong by any measure. Sometimes we all need to stop, and look at things. We need to catch our breath from time to time.  Otherwise, a year goes by far to fast for my tastes and suddenly, I’m a year older.  Here is my piece of “sage” advice.

Make every day your personal thanksgiving. Give thanks for the life that you have, and work within yourself to be the best person you can be. Pray (meditate, seek knowledge, reason, or whatever works for you) to become a better person. Do not ask for things, but seek the wisdom to grow and fulfill your potential. Make every day full of the Christmas spirit. To be full of compassion and generosity in terms of love and respect one month out of the year is a great thing. Just remember people don’t suffer or hurt only in December. Make every day full of the Christmas spirit. Someone in need of a helping hand needs it equally on December 24th as they would on March 10th.  Make every day full of love, not just on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate veterans every time you have the fortune of meeting one, and always remember the ultimate sacrifice of those who were killed in the line of duty. Columbus Day? Forget it; he was a scoundrel not deserving a national holiday. Don’t get me started on this topic…

Celebrating holidays one day a year is still a great thing, but we all should practice the concepts of these days every day of the year, not just during the “holiday season”. This is nothing new, and my view is completely based in common sense, but sometimes we all need a little reminder. If we all work to make the world more compassionate and alleviate suffering in our own way, we will all leave it for the better.

Holidays are a good time for celebrating and for the many people travel to visit families, have a safe Thanksgiving.

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