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The Greatness of Neil Peart

As a fan of the band Rush, it was with stunned disbelief when I read that Neil Peart passed away right after the new year.  Neil was a pro in every sense of the word.  After the announcement that he died from brain cancer, tributes poured in from fans, and fellow musicians.  His skills are…… Continue reading The Greatness of Neil Peart

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Make the Year One of Continuous Improvement

As 2018 comes to an end, I notice the uptick of the post-Christmas commercials, which focus on the activities that are normally associated with New Year resolutions.  Whatever it may be, to exercise more, to improve diets, quit smoking, etc…, resolutions are usually doomed for failure.  People want to improve, but often fail because of…… Continue reading Make the Year One of Continuous Improvement


Plan – Do – Check – Act

W. Edwards Deming was most known for his arguments for organizations to embrace continuous improvement plans for their processes.  Although specifically geared towards the manufacturing sector, the concept of continuous improvement can and should be practiced by all organizations. The basic concept of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) is basic in its premise but can be powerful and…… Continue reading Plan – Do – Check – Act


W. Edwards Deming & the Deadly Diseases

Primarily known for his work in Japan in the aftermath of the Second World War, W. Edwards Deming was a driving force behind the innovation and quality push behind the post-war Japanese economy.  Deming trained many engineers, managers, and scholars concepts of quality through statistical process control (SPC).  A number of Japanese manufacturers applied his…… Continue reading W. Edwards Deming & the Deadly Diseases