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Gratitude Journal Day 12, Sleeping Dogs


Stress is everywhere.  When at work, the pressures to get things on time and under budget are always present.  Even on a day off, driving into town can be perilous and stressful if the traffic is bad.  We think about how we’re going to get something done, or how we’ll pay off some bills.  Always asking questions that all add up.

We can fret about “what if” questions.  What if my car dies?  What if I get laid off?  What if I get sick, how would I pay the medical expenses?  What if this, or what if that…we can drive ourselves crazy if we think about all the things that can happen.

We can also choose to embrace peace and tranquility.  When I sit on my chair to read most mornings, or if I’m lounging around on the couch, I can always count on Gretchen to sit on my lap, or to sit next to me, snuggling up against my side, especially on those cold weather days.  I like to think she loves me so much, but it’s probably a combination of love and the love or being warm.

She looks so peaceful.  Not a worry in the world.  We can learn from observing nature and the things around us.  Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to curl up with someone special and take a nice, peaceful nap.  Put the stress of life on pause for a little while.

Whatever problems may exist will be there regardless of how we fret or worry.  But taking a nice nap will give us a little time of peace, and will be better prepared to face the problems and challenges life offers us.

So for today, I’m grateful for the lessons Gretchen and Franklin offer us every day.  Sometimes you just have to take a little nap and embrace a few moments of peace.

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