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Arnold Palmer: Professionalism and Class

A few years back, I was reading a golf magazine, and one of the articles stated how Arnold Palmer’s autograph is worthless.  The article stated that Arnold took great pride in this.  Over his life, he autographed so many things, free of charge, and essentially flooded the market.  The article contained an address to send…… Continue reading Arnold Palmer: Professionalism and Class


Visionary Thinking: Leave a Legacy with Long-Term Thinking

Unlike regular golf tournaments, the Ryder Cup (PGA) and the Solheim Cup (LPGA) are different from regular tournaments in that they put two teams of golfers against each other, Europe and the United States. Competitions range from single one-on-one contests, and group play where shots are not necessarily counted like a regular tournament, but the…… Continue reading Visionary Thinking: Leave a Legacy with Long-Term Thinking